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Does SIP Rec of VideoCenter need Extra time before Ondemand video ready?

Question asked by tomokiohshita Expert on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by kpinkham

Hi, I am planning to use VideoCenter as SIP incoming recording equipment.


When Videocenter recording with 220s/icon, as 220s/icon acts as encoder, Ondemand video should be available right after recording is finished. We love this feature. However, SIP recording does not have 220s/SIP as encoder, so I am wondering that SIP recording may need extratime before Ondemand video is ready. Could someone advise?


I know that some other recording system need another actual duration to set up Ondemand video. (I mean that if conference is 6 hours, user need to wait for another 6 hours before its Ondemand video ready.) I hope that LS VideoCentetr's SIP Rec is not like that.