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SfB / Cloud Integration scheduling

Question asked by Expert on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by gvillardi


a customer of one of our partners has invested into Lifesize and is using SfB on prem as well. They want to use meetings to bring SfB users and Icon room systems into the same call. A big challange or them is the scheduling process:


- Lifesize Outlook plugin does not support proxy today

- how to check availability of meetings


Their idea is to use exchange ressource mailboxes for every meeting room. Unfortunately this has the implication that all body information regarding how to dial in with Lifesiz endpoints, SfB Clients, Phone etc is only shared with the creator of that meeting using that particular ressource within exchange.

In other words: are there any examples how to create a sensful scheduling process when not been able or allowed to use the Lifesize Outlook plugin?