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unable to register a pre registered Icon with the Cloud  on a demo

Question asked by abeybaby Partner on Mar 9, 2017

Greetings and salutations from sunny London


I have an existing Icon 600 - works fine on my network or actually most networks I have been on a demo to.


This morning, however, I visited a client where my Icon 600 would not register with the cloud at all

Furthermore, anyone trying to use the s/w on a laptop would come up with an alert saying that this device is trying to bypass the firewall, click on ok to continue ... Clicking okay on the laptop eventually gave access and allowed the call to be made - BUT there is no screen that appears to allow one to click on a OK button, so eventually it times out and sits at failed to connect to cloud


The client's firewall is a Sophos UTM9 -  Anyway we can resolve this without trying to bypass the firewall and seating this Icon outside their DMZ ?