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I am struggling to setup SNMPv3 on my Icon 800

Question asked by davidlb_ioi Expert on Mar 15, 2017
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I have an Icon 800 that I would like to have monitored with our NMS.  I've SSH'd to the Icon 800 and I've taken the steps to set this up, but I am unable to get this working correctly.


I've enabled SNMPv3.  When I issue a SysAdmin getSNMPversion command... I can see that it is enabled.

rbsh> SysAdmin getSNMPVersion


  "_rv": 0,

  "snmpv1": 0,

  "snmpv2c": 0,

  "snmpv3": 1


When I try to configure the SNMPv3 user, I get this output...


rbsh> SysAdmin setSNMPUser username:LSHPEIMC, authtype:SHA, passphrase:12345, privacytype:AES

ERROR: -22


Not sure what "error -22" means and I can't seem to find the answer to that question anywhere.


I found the default SNMPv3 user on the system....

rbsh> SysAdmin getSNMPUser


  "_rv": 0,

  "username": "snmpuser",

  "authtype": "MD5",

  "passphrase": "snmppass",

  "privacytype": "DES"



So for the sake of troubleshooting, I ran Wireshark from the server hosting my NMS. I used these default credentials in my but the Icon 800 fails to respond to any SNMP traffic but will respond to pings.


Is there some sort of ACL that needs to be configured somewhere?


Thanks in advance.