Change Layout Settings for Presentation

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Hi there,


we have the following problem in our company. We use a Icon 600 with dual display. One is a Screen (Display 1) and the other one is represented by a beamer (Display 2).

When joining a meeting on Display 1 the far end camera (or Meeting room) is shown and on Display 2 there is the near camera. When now someone starts a presentation Display 2 is showing the presentation and near camera disappears.

Our needs would be, that the near camera is still showing and the presentation appears on the Screen with the far end camera.

A good thing would be, that you can choose where to start presentation in the system settings and when a presentation is running you can change the layout (like when using only one display) between "Far End", "Presentation" or splitscreen "Far End/Presentation".


How is your meaning on this?