Invitation options

Discussion created by jwinterbottom on Mar 25, 2017

I know the Cloud invitation process has been a highly talked about topic and has gone through a number of modifications.  I'm hoping to start a discussion on how to improve things a bit more.  Some of what I'm asking may not be possible due to limitations of WebRTC.  Here's some of the things I wish was available.


-a separate option for just voice plus presentation in the invitation and along with this.  Currently I think voice plus presentation is only available using the thick client so I'm assuming this is a WebRTC limitation. 


-Voice plus presentation on a mobile device


-The "Other Way's to Connect" button is commonly missed by our clients, I preferred the previous landing page that had all of the options visible by default.  I'm finding myself having to walk our clients through how they can download the thick client or how they can use Skype 4 Business or dial from a 3rd party endpoint outside of our network.  The email invitations should really contain the dialing string for 3rd party endpoints.  I know the goal is to keep the invitations short and sweet but for IT administrators at other institutions the email invites look like dialing from a 3rd party endpoint is not possible unless they click on the link that redirects them and then click on the "Other Way's to Connect" button if they happen to see it.


This is all I can think of for now.  I just came in for a 19 way call with sites all over the world, all first time LS Cloud users which turned out fantastically well!!  they are done so I'm outta here.