Icon Flex and our built-in AMX USB 3.0 cable: why won't it work?

Discussion created by digitalsuperfun on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by coodart

We have been using various USB cables with the Icon Flex and have not had a problem until now. I have not had problems with other USB cables even when using adapters.


The AMX retractible USB cable below (I have tried two of them) will not work with the Icon Flex. No signal gets through and the computer does not recognize the Icon when it's plugged in. Swap the cable and we are fine.

AMX Trade Site : HPX-AV102-USB-R : USB 3.0 Module with Retractable MyTurn™ Ready Cable


Can anyone think of why the AMX cable would be incompatible with the Flex? The AMX cable is fine with other devices like a thumb drive or alternate USB camera. I don't understand the nuances in USB to really know. It's USB 3.0 rated if that means anything.


We want to use the AMX cable because it is built into our table. We would need to replace the table to use a different cable.