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More administrative control for Cloud meetings

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by jpeary

Are there any plans to allow more administrative control for Cloud meetings?  I feel a bit helpless when a faculty member calls me asking to remove someone from a meeting room that is causing feedback issues or is in a meeting room that shouldn't be.  I know there are procedures available to prevent this type of situation but as a Cloud administrator, I would like to be able to at least join a meeting even if it wasn't created by me so I can terminate callers.  What if everyone in the call is using the webapp which doesn't allow even the meeting creator to terminate other callers.  I should be able to just swoop in and save the day like I normally could do with our On Prem solution.  I know this isn't likely to happen but I would love to have real time feedback of all calls taking place and be able to disconnect/mute people when I'm asked to do so.