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Policy of firewall

Question asked by vtvkwon Partner on Apr 11, 2017
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A cloud user can not register as following domain at policy of firewall.



I escalated this case to your support.

And I got answer from your support, that the user has to register as following IP address on whitelist.

<URL: >

However, when I checked nslookup, another IP address of the above IP address will be displayed.












So would you kindly advice to me right IP address on registering whitelist?

And  would you kindly confirm that we have to register as following IP address on whiteslits of F/W?


The mentioned IP's belong to the URL https//
This URL is for receiving the firmware Updates for cloud paired devices.
Please whitelist on your firewall.
If you are firewall or router does not support fqdn, then please run nslookup to and apply a wildcard mask rule to the first two octet’s of the ip’s that you resolve.
You can also refer the first two octet from here