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ICON with Interactive Flat Panels

Question asked by kennethchoy Partner on May 23, 2017
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Tested ICON400 with a interactive flat panel from Viewsonic (CDE7061T).


When local content is shared through the ICON, i would need to choose the "Show Content only" only in the Layout on the ICON before limited touch functionality becomes usable. If the "Show Content only" is not chosen, then the calibration of the touch panel goes haywire and require re-calibration for the touch to work.


When content is shared by remote participants in the same meeting, touch features of the flat panel cannot be used at all.  Also, tried content sharing by choosing "Share Desktop" and the result is the same. Was hoping that "Share desktop" were able to allow other parties to take control of the content via the interactive flat panel.


Note  : the interactive flat panel works seamlessly when we installed LS Cloud APP to the slot in PC on the interactive flat panel ........just not when ICON is used


Appreciate if someone can assist. Thanks!