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Guest License functionality and API Intergration

Question asked by Partner on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by michaelt

Hi all


Just had a few questions from a customer regarding guest license functionality and API integration.



1) I want to be able to issue a new link for each videoconferencing session I conduct. That is for security (I don’t want people to be able to intrude on a private session that doesn’t include them by using a previously issued link). How can I achieve that with Lifesize?



2) We want to configure access to the Lifesize system into our automated delivery system. That means we want to have our system trigger connection to Lifesize Cloud service, assign the client a guest link for a scheduled interview.


Is there any history of this type of integration?  Is there an API available?



3) Can a guest invite be a one-time use only for the third party (i.e psychologist sending out an invite to a one time client)? Or should the psychologist just simply send out guest invites to a VMR which is pin protected and just change the pin each day?