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Custom Meeting Invitations

Question asked by on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by michaelt

Hey everyone,


Is there a way to customize the meeting invitations that get generated from the Lifesize Cloud app?


One of the features I'm really looking for is the ability for users to be able to send meeting invites not only with the Lifesize WebApp link (eg.

but to also have the option to call using the Lifesize Cloud Desktop App eg. (lifesize://;guest=), or even modify the text to say something along the lines of:
Connecting using the Lifesize Cloud desktop app?
Just open the Lifesize application, click on meetings and Select the following meeting.


I find that many internal users within our company are joining the meetings just by using the WebApp, but when performance isn't as good as the desktop app, primarily because they probably have a bunch of other tabs open in their browser.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.