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LifeSize Icon 400 unreachable to the LifeSize Cloud

Question asked by Partner on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by kpinkham

Please could you help me with connection to the LifeSize Cloud? I try to connect system LifeSize Icon to the LifeSize Cloud...set the DHCP the system check the network (all is OK ) then selected the use LifeSize Cloud... registred via QR code to my account.... I see the device to my account.... but then can not registred to LifeSize Cloud..... the system tryed few secconds and then write unreachable. If I reconennect the network to my PC and open LifeSize Cloud app... The LifeSize cloud app works :-/. I check all ports for use in cloud ( ports 80, 443). Do you know where is problem?


Thank you