How to Disable Smart Framing on Icon 450

Discussion created by srankin Employee on Jun 29, 2017
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In some room environments, the smart framing feature of the Icon 450 is not desirable, but the wider field of view and fantastic optics are attractive.  For instance a room with a glass wall.  In these cases, it is possible to disable the smart framing feature using the Icon command line interface (CLISH).


The syntax is as follows.  Please note that the Icon 450 will need to be rebooted for this command to take effect.


Usage: set framing enable [-?] [-D c] [-V] [-h] {on|off}

  -?                Display the column headers, even in terse mode

  -D c              Specify an alternate delimiter character in terse mode

                    (default is ',')

  -V                Enable verbose output mode

  -h                Produce this message

  {on|off}          Enable or disable item


For a complete reference document on the CLISH command line interface for the Icon series, please refer to this post:

Where can we get the list of CLI commands for the Icon series?