Video Centre trials and tribulations

Discussion created by jwinterbottom on Jul 5, 2017
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I know this will get me nowhere so I'm just venting at this point.  I have recommended to use chrome to access our content on video Centre as it has been the most reliable in navigating the flash issue.      After using chrome myself for well over a year with no issues, I tried accessing a recording today and got the wonderful "You need flash and JavaScript" message.  Keeping in mind I have flash installed on my machine and we do update flash on a consistent basis, it appears that chrome is now blocking flash unless an exception is made to allow flash with Video Centre.  It is not very user friendly to tell people that they have manipulate their browser settings, click here, go there, type this in before they can watch a video.  This problem would go away if flash was dropped or an alternative to flash was built into video Centre for those who wanted it. 


The answer to my problem is not Lifesize Cloud record and stream because it does not do nearly enough compared to what video Centre is capable of.


for instance:


-how can I share cloud recordings with active directory groups?  We do a lot of class recordings where a faculty member records their lectures to Video Centre and the ability to add class active directory groups to specific videos is essential for us to control access by class enrollment.  We have been doing this for many years now and this has allowed us to purchase additional endpoints and continue to grow our lifesize environment on campus.  The flash issue is becoming so bothersome and quite frankly embarrassing, we are starting to look at other means to record content on campus and hate to say it, Cloud record and stream will play a small role if any due to its limitations in integrating with our active directory groups.  Record and stream does not meet any of our typical standards for protecting content in a class environment and since most of our recordings are not video conference based the sharing aspect with participants in a recorded call doesn't work for us. 


We also do recordings for individual departments where content needs to be controlled by the department group, say for instance a faculty department is interviewing candidates for a new position available and the interview needs to be kept private to that specific department.


I haven't played around with record and stream enough to know this but if we record something and want the recording made available to our entire university but not to the outside world, would a viewer not consume a Lifesize Cloud License when they access the content? 


To put it simply if we go elsewhere for our recording needs, so goes our justification to continue to grow our lifesize environment.