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Content sharing on Polycom HDX7000

Question asked by phillip on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by phillip

Hi There


I am busy with trail for the lifesizecloud service. We use Polycom HDX700 units in the office. I am having a issue with the content sharing on the unit. When I send content from it all is good, but when I receive content on my side it looks lik the aspect ratio is messed up. There a large blank border around my content and the size of the content received is much smaller on the screen that it should be.


We are using H323 to make the call and not SIP as SIP only gives us a single stream so content and video ends up on the same screen. We have also increased the size of the call to 2mb instead of 1 or 512kb. When we dail internal with the units there is no problm and also on our current service the content sharing is no issue.


Does anyone have some advice for me please. This is the last thing that is stopping us from going live with the service.