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Lifesize Camera 200 power specs?

Question asked by sierraphotog on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by sierraphotog

Hi, all!  I'm trying to track down the specs on a Lifesize Camera 200 power supply so I can try to find one.  I know it's a 46W power supply, but no web search or power supply retailers list the amperage of the unit. Many websites list the power supply for the codec, NOT the camera.  In fact we just purchased one from Lifesize and got the codec power supply, NOT the camera power supply we asked for.  Neither of our other two Camera 200 power supplies have the manufacturer label on them so I can't check those.  So I'm back to trying to identify the specs (which are NOT in any of the manuals that are publicly available) so I can get the correct power supply. Any suggestions welcome.