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Discussion created by tim.lourey@careflight.org on Aug 27, 2017
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Hi all,


I've made a small PowerShell script for downloading the latest LifeSize cloud client (with or without dot net). Its not very refined but it does the job. I'm looking to put parts of it into a chocolatey package. I thought I would post this part in case it would be useful for other admins to use/harvest.


It uses the LifeSize's CDN and the XML file that comes back when you access it (https://cdn.lifesizecloud.com). Help is in the script and also works using powershell's get-help command.


It still needs some work like error handling and better help but its a start.


The version attached to this post is the very first version. The latest version will be on the following Github Gist URL: https://gist.github.com/tlourey/809254c6d924cdcc65fae73e5ce633fb. I may put it on a Github repo if anyone is interested.


Those that know PowerShell can pick out what they need. Please excuse any bad coding habits/styles, it was pretty quickly knocked up )


Hopefully LifeSize don't mind (if they do can someone please remove the post. Thanks)




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Edit 15/09/17: Updated to work with a few older versions of powershell