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Prevent client enabling auto startup BEFORE first run for new users

Question asked by on Aug 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by michaelt



When a new user logs into a machine and opens the LifeSize client for the first time, it automatically adds itself to list of programs that automatically start next time that user logs in to that machine (it does this on program exit).


While I understand why it does this, is there a way, as an administrator, to prevent the client from doing this? I know the user can turn this off but I would rather they didn't have to worry about it.


I might be able to make a group policy that removes this item from the registry every time the user logs in or some other 'workaround' like pre-populating config files (LifeSizeCloud.ini & settings.json) but i'm wondering if there is some supported method from Lifesize, like a Lifesize Group Policy Admin Template or some other way of telling the client on a first run, don't add itself to auto start up list for this user.


I know there are some posts about disabling AFTER the user has opened the client by replacing settings files but I'm wondering if there is a way for the client to know it shouldn't apply that setting when it runs the first time. OR editing the template that the settings.json and lifesizelcoud.ini is made from (but I don't think that's possible).


I didn't see a way to be able to do this with the MSI either. I saw this post but didn't see the answer.


If there isn't i'll create it as an Idea but I wanted to ask first.