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LifeSizeCloud FW question

Question asked by hikarukobayashi Expert on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by hikarukobayashi

We tested following.



(1) ICON600 (Pairing)

(2) Windows Cloud APP (not guest use)


<F/W setting>

Allow list : , node)

Deny list : All (other than the above 2 addresses)


<Test subject>

We connected to the conference of the LScloud from each of the two devices.

(1)  Pairing of ICON was completed before setting Deny on F/W.

(2)  We have logged in from APP after setting Deny on F/W.


<Test result>

Both have successfully connected to the conference room.



We believed that ICON and APP could not use either unless they could connect to "".

F/W does not allow connections to "" at this time.

However, we were able to connect to the conference room with two devices.


If we only permit DNS and one node with F/W, can we always connect to the conference?
(We know that we can not do Chat and software update at this time.)