Language of invitations: Native clients & Outlook plugin

Discussion created by fwerbinek on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by michaelt

We are just rolling out LifeSize Cloud.

In the portal, english is set as the default language.

But when

a) inviting someone through the native client, or

b) planning a meeting through the Outlook plugin,

the text output is always in the system's display language.


In my case, the system language is german, which gives me a german invitation text.

But many of our colleagues will not understand german language, so we need to send out invitations in english.


When I set the display language of MS Office to english, the text output is in english as well - but I cannot set this for everyone, this is no solution.


We definitely need an option unter "settings", where we can set the language for the invitation text.

I guess there are many companies out there that would need the same.


Thank you very much,