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Call routing

Question asked by chris.beckett on Sep 26, 2017
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Hi, We have some Icon 450 units setup and all is working fine calling each of the Icon 450 units or users in the directory.

We also have some older Video conference units (Tandberg 85MXP and Tandberg 95MXP)  and were looking to see if we could call those units as well and then add them to the directory with the group contact feature.

All the units are on the internal network and have internal  IP addresses. However when we try to call 1 of the older units via IP the call fails.

On the flip side I am able to call the Icon 450 units via IP from the Tandberg units without issue.

I believe this is down to a routing issue and changes are potentially needed on the Firewall but I wanted to check How do calls route on the Icon 450 units? Do the units dial out over the internet hence why internal IP’s are not recognized until firewall updates made


Thanks in advance