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VideoCenter cannot start recording, when Icon participate with present.

Question asked by tomokiohshita Expert on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by tomokiohshita

Does someone have solution for this issue?


Our customer use Express220 as source of recording(it means that E220 is forced as encoder). This customer prefer auto rec. If they want to record the conference, they only add this E220 to the conference. (BTW, E220 is no camera.)


They found the issue.

If Icon with present participated to the conference, nothing was recorded on VideoCenter.

This case connection between E220 and Icon/MCU were H323. And if the connection between E220 and Icon/MCU were SIP, this issue was not observed. Is this known issue? This time, we installed to this customer as whole h323 system, so if patch firmware or disabling present setting may be helpful.


VideoCenter: v2.4.1(501)

Express220: v5.0.9

Icon600/400 with PhoneHD: 2.10.0