Lifesize Windows Client

Discussion created by jdanbury on Nov 10, 2017
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With the introduction of the new Lifesize client we initially saw a release without a minimise option / minimise to system tray. I actually caught some jip from support when I mentioned that this really should have been included and now sure enough, it has been and that's great. It allows you to keep the client open without it being intrusive which is exactly what you want.


However, there still seems to be some really obvious features missing.


For example, there really should be an option for the Lifesize client to start minimised to the system tray. When our staff log in every morning the last thing they want is for a bit of software to pop up when it's not needed. The way they've got around this is to simply untick 'Start Lifesize at login'. Now the majority of our Lifesize directory is offline, which somewhat defeats the point of using it.


Another issue is the installation. I'm not going to install Lifesize 400+ times, I'm going to use SCCM or some other deployment system to quietly push it out to our clients. The problem here is that after the quiet installation has finished, users are met with a huge Lifesize splashscreen and then the software opens asking for a login. Not ideal.


When I spoke to support regarding this they pointed me towards a guide which disassembles the MSI, so I could modify a .json file and then reassembly the MSI. That's... a bit off guys. Just include it as a switch in the MSI? Additional to this is the fact that even after making the change and successfully creating the new MSI, there's no difference. The splash screen and software still pop up after a silent deployment.


Lastly, and to be honest, Lifesize is innocent here but it could be a nice feature. We have a mix of Polycom and Lifesize devices and only the Lifesize devices show in Room Systems. It would be good if we could specify that certain devices are also Room Systems so they show up in Room rather than Contacts.