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Questions about the Windows installers for the new LifeSize Cloud app

Question asked by bdwilcox on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by jsaylor

Questions about the Windows installers for the new LifeSize Cloud app.


EXE Installer

- Using the current EXE installer for the LifeSize Cloud app, is there any way to install under the Admin account but for all users?  So far, the normal installer seems to want to install the app only for the current user but I was wondering if I could tell it to install for all users like the old installer.  If it demands Admin rights to initially install for all users, that's OK.  I'm currently installing the EXE using the --silent switch.


- Also, using the EXE, is there any install switch or setting that I can use to tell it not to auto-start the app at Windows login/startup?  I'm currently silently installing the app then swapping out that user's JSON file for a generic one with the Startup switch set to OFF to accomplish this but I doubt that's the best way to go about this.


MSI Installer

- I noticed there is now an MSI installer but I'm not sure you can even use that to install for all users. Does anyone know if the MSI installer supports installs for all users?


- I also noticed you could set install settings like "Don't start app at Windows login" but to do so, you would have to use tools to decompile the MSI, modify the JSON file then use those same tools to recompile the MSI.  A little beyond my scope of knowledge, unfortunately.  Does anybody know if there is a simpler method to tell it not to auto-start without having to modify the MSI file itself?


Thanks for any help or insight you can provide.