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UVC Series - ESXi v6 and vMotion case example

Question asked by hikarukobayashi Expert on Nov 30, 2017

Our customers are using UVC(ver. 3.1.0) on ESXi v5.5.

Is there anyone who has performed the following two cases?

(1) Move UVC between VMservers using vMotion.  

(2) New installation of UVC on ESXi ver.6.0.


I think vMotion keeps the MAC address of UVC, so I don’t need to replace UVC license. (1)


END OF GENERAL SUPPORT of ESXi v5.5 is 2018/9/19. (2)

The deployment guide states 5.0 or higher. Therefore, I think that there is no problem.
However, since I found the following community, I would like to confirm the case example of ESXi v6.