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Can't get 1 additional meeting room (addon) or user

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by mhelmbrecht

Hi all, 


I've spoken with our reseller who has spoken to the Australian distributor but I wanted to bring this up in the community as it doesn't seem right. 


I have a standard subscription with 10 users, which gives us 10 virtual meeting rooms. That's all fine.


We have a need for 1 extra meeting room.


Lifesize has an offering for this (Meeting Room Add-on), but it comes in a pack of 10. That's a lot of money for Just one meeting room. Especially for a not-for-profit like myself. 


So I tried another method, how about just adding 1 additional cloud user (which gives me 1 additional meeting room). Smallest pack there is a pack of 10. Again, way too much money for Charity. 


Surely there must be a way to add just 1 meeting room. This can't be right. Can someone advise?