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Get video system full configuration

Question asked by luchoargentina10 on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by gvillardi

Hi everybody,


We are trying to compare the configuration deployed on decoders with the one on the server that we have. I'm thinking about creating a script in order to gather the configuration present on the decoders and the one on the server and comparing both. In order to do that I was looking for a way to get the full conf on the video systems, either by getting the response out of a web service or doing an ssh or telnet login and using the CLI. Thing is that I did not find any way to gather the information. I'm not finding any method on the web service or any command on the CLI. Does anyone know a way of obtaining the full conf out of a video system? The one's we are using are: Lifesize Icon 600 and Lifesize Icon 400.


Thanks in advance.