220 systems and Browser bug

Discussion created by richdwa Partner on Jan 18, 2018
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Hey, Lifesize folks (and customers please note if it applies to you)- this is for EVERYONE who has a 220-series endpoint out there, be it connected to Cloud or not at this point- 


If you are running (which if you're on Cloud this will have happened automatically) I will bet you are really frustrated with issues accessing the web interface, no matter which browser you try or what security settings you use. You might be able to finally get it to work, but its hit and miss I imagine.


Well, we ran into this a while back and I actually thought it was resolved- but it's not. In fact, the ONLY sure way to have it work reliably is to roll back to and then it all works again.


We've worked with the awesome folks in support (you know who you are) and they helped us out by pushing that older version to those specific cloud endpoints for us and voila, we can access it from the web once again (versus only from the 220 remotes and in front of it).


Pretty frustrating to try and manage a bunch of remote 220's where you can't upgrade or downgrade them yourself because the browser won't work isn't it?


While it would be awesome if everyone had the latest and greatest hardware (Icons) the reality is that there are a LOT of 220's out in the wild still. And any of them that are paired with CLoud or did a manual upgrade to when it came out are affected by this bug. After all, they are supported through 2022 so they are bound to hang around a while still. 


So, this is for you Lifesize engineering- PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. And to start with, may I suggest that you pull that version off the web and do a forced downgrade to all connected 220's currently paired with the cloud?


And if you're out there and aren't yet on Cloud (??) but you did the firmware upgrade and you aren't able to get in to change it, may I suggest a red-button factory reset partition swap procedure to get you back to the last image so you can once again manage your unit? That's what I had to do for a client just this AM so I feel your pain!


I know I can speak for every IT person who has to support them out there, this IS an issue and we'd very much appreciate it, please.


Thanks, folks. You're a great company and I know you'll get this resolved, I just thought it was time to say this as loudly as possible.




Rich De Brino