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Lifesize Cloud Intergration with Polycom SIP VVX 1500 and TIPIT Platform

Question asked by Partner on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by adarragh

 Hi all


I have been liaising with a customer of ours regarding a lifesize cloud upgrade, they have an existing fleet of lifesize units, 220s and 600s. He had a few questions regarding TIPIT integration and whether or not the lifesize cloud video is compatible with his VVX 1500 video phone. 


He wants people dialling in on a VVX1500 video phone to be able to join in on a conference (VMR and direct cloud calling) that includes room systems, mobile users and other external parties.@


Is there a scenario where both the TIPIT and the VVX phones will be able to use the cloud service and seamlessly connect? If so how would one facilitate this?