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Lifesize Skype for Business Directory Integration with Lifesize (searching from the Lifesize address book from SfB - Mac Environment)

Question asked by Partner on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by kpinkham

Hi all,


I have a customer that is trying to integrate Skype for Business with Lifesize. 


At the moment their Lifesize endpoint can call from SfB, but he was wondering if it is possible to search the Lifesize directory from Skype for Business.


The Customer Success Team has issued a guide to remedy the problem:


This supposedly allows him to import the Lifesize directory into Skype for Business. Unfortunately, the steps there don't work. They aren't current with what Office 365 / Skype for Business is up to. Additionally, they are a Mac environment, so there are compatibility issues when using the SIP attributes via AD. 


Currently, there is no mechanism to allow a SfB client to “search” the Lifesize directory. What I mean by that is that a user starts typing into the search field of a Skype for Business client and it first looks at its local address book and then looks at the Lifesize address book. 
*EDIT* Updated 21.01.2018


"I wanted to be able to search for our meeting room devices in Skype for Business. To do this I created the contacts online, but did not have favourable results. This is because of two things:



  1. The Skype for Business (Mac) client does not support this according to Microsoft. 
  2. Our O365 directory synchronises from Active Directory, so in order to set the properties on existing accounts, I needed to modify the AD schema to prepare for Lync Server, then modify a new attribute that was added to each user. Sadly, this still didn't work. 


At this stage, Skype for Business isn't being utilised, but if that changes in the future this is something I want to investigate again."

He is simply after the ability to search the Lifesize endpoint addresses from SfB. Any suggestions here guys?