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Defaulting to the incorrect audio device

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Feb 2, 2018

Has anyone noticed recently that LS Cloud stopped defaulting to your desired mic/speaker device?  I have a Clear One Chat 150 on my desk, it is set as my default communication device and my headphones are set as my default device for everything else.  Even after setting up my desired audio properties in Lifesize Cloud, I consistently connect to a call only to find that my audio is playing through my headphones.  Was there not a box that could be checked off to always use you desired devices by default?  I guarantee, now that I have corrected everything, the first call I make tomorrow will default back to my headphones.  If I'm having difficulty I can only imagine what the inexperienced user goes through.  I have a feeling Lifesize Cloud is looking at what the default playback device is and not what the default communication device is set to.