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Issue getting a ringback tone when doing voice call LS endpoint is registered with Call Manager ?

Question asked by aelsheikh on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by jsaylor

Does anyone know if there is a dial plan internally on the Lifesize phone itself?

We successfully registered con600 and icon 400 with Cisco call manager as a 2nd registar , all good.

The problem found is that when dialing National numbers we get ringback tone along with call manager ringtone.International Number we get fast busy tone along with the call manager ringtone.

Internal numbers connect straight away no problems get normal ringback immediately.

Using a Polycom device on that same extension works fine for all numbers.

It seems to only be an issue when using the Lifesize Phone.

Normally a SIP device has an internal dial plan but I can't find anything on the Phone interface?