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Presentation mode creates packet loss on camera stream

Question asked by cédriclalouette on Feb 16, 2018
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I am experiencing something weird these times with my Icon600.


Simple calls are working perfectly (with Polycom Group 500/700 series). Everything is ok, except if the Polycom starts sharing content. From this moment my camera stream has many packet loss, and users at the far site (with the Polycom device) can't see me anymore (only big corrupted blocks).


1 - If I initiate the "sharing content" on my Icon600 everything is ok !

2 - If I initiate the "sharing content" on my Icon600, stops it, and then use the "sharing content" on the Polycom everything is ok...


Do you have any idea of what's happening ? Why I need to first initiate sharing content to make it possible for the far site to do the same without any issue ?


Thank you for your help !!!