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Lifesize cloud subscription updated terms of service

Question asked by mig6116 on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by jeremyhill

Is  it needed an  active product suport   like: Lifesize Icon 400 - LAMS (1-year)    in order to renew lifesize cloud  service?  im being told by my lifesize partner that   recently lifesize is changing the cloud terms of service and as for now is needed  to have an active  service licence on all my codecs in order to renew my cloud service,  but we as a companny  do not wish to have a suport subscription for our icons,  we only want to have the cloud service..


Actually we have 6 Icon 400 and  3 icon 600   all of them have no active suport licence.


Apologies for my bad english