Icon - how to disable mic on 2nd Gen Phone / Phone HD

Discussion created by skythespy Support on Mar 15, 2018

The Icon is designed to use the mics on the 2nd gen phone / phone HD if it detects something plugged into the lifelink port. 

In a few nuance scenarios (third party sound integration) - we may want to keep the touch-panel function of the speakerphone; but defer the mic input work to your own third-party equipment. 


*The only way to disable the mic for a 2nd gen phone / phone HD plugged into an icon system is via SSH* 

SSH into the device, default credentials are admin/admin or support/support.


The command itself is 'Audio setForceLineInMic'


Here is the actual command with a '?' passed in as an argument so that the API lists the parameters/arguments. 


rbsh> Audio setForceLineInMic ?
Audio setForceLineInMic state:string
Force LineIn0 to be the only mic (even if LifeLink devices are present)
state - on or off
_rv - Return status


Notice that this method's function is defined as 'Force LineIn0 to be the only mic (even if LifeLink devices are present)' 

From this you can see that it takes an input of 'on' or 'off'

This defaults to 'off'

You want to set this to 'on' -- to enable the mode that will 'force LineIN0 to be the *only* mic'


The actual command looks like this> 

rbsh> rbsh> Audio setForceLineInMic on
"_rv": 0


There is a 'get' command as well> (note, this one takes no arguments/parameters) 

rbsh> Audio getForceLineInMic
"_rv": 0,
"state": "on"