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LifeSize Video client no video on most operating systems

Question asked by takis on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by jpeary



I am experiencing a weird problem with my LifeSize Video clients. It seems that suddenly 9 out 10 of the clients are not sending any video at all! The video call statistics show zero kilobytes bandwidth in the Transmit column ( ) and the video and screen sharing buttons have vanished (


As I said this does not happen with all clients, but it happens with most of them. The only clients that work are clients in Macs, Androids and some older Windows versions (7). But these are a very small minority in our network!


I also noticed that, when I play around with the video codecs and video formats, there are situations where even the clients that were left working are not working either.


All this happened one day out of the blue and since then I have tried every combination of codex and video formats possible, but to no avail.


Does this resemble any known issues?


I would be happy to share login credentials with anyone who feels that they have the experience to help out.