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Audio issue with Icon + Cisco Webex / Anyone else affected?

Question asked by f.utzt on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by harishm

Hello everyone, 


are there any Cisco Webex customers on here who are using the Lifesize systems to connect to Webex's video bridge?


It is called Webex Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud. You can connect via SIP and share screen/presentation with the BFCP protocol. 


It has worked well until a month ago. Since then, the audio from the Lifesize systems randomly gets corrupted if the meeting runs for some time (15-60 minutes). When this problem occurs, the affected Lifesize device must disconnect and reconnect to the meeting. 


I already know that:

  • the problem does only occur in the combination of a room system (we only have Lifesize Icons) with Webex
  • all of our Icons are affected in the same way
  • other cloud video providers are not affected (like Lifesize Cloud, Zoom, etc).
  • Rebooting and patching the Icons did not change anything


So, has anyone experienced the same behaviour with Webex or Lifesize? 


TL;DR: Audio stream gets corrupted after some time within a Webex meeting, anyone having the same problem?


I have also opened tickets with Lifesize and Webex, but this seems to be a tricky one...