Dialing out to WebEx Meetings

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In the past, we have recommended customers to dial out to WebEx meetings using the following dial string:




Recently this dial string has not been working for some of our customers since some of Webex's name servers don't use the "meetings.webex.com" video address any longer.


If trying to dial out to webex meeting, the first piece of information needed is where it is being hosted from. If the host can provide a "Video Address" of the WebEx meeting, then dialing out to the Video Address directly will result in a successful connection. After testing with WebEx's newer software "My WebEx", the video address format has since changed to the following:



The username of the account goes where [USERNAME] is in the dial string

The extension of the meeting room goes where [EXTENSION] is in the dial string


An example of a real WebEx video address is the following:




When dialing out from an Icon endpoint, you should be able to input the dial string as it appears by navigating to "Call>Keypad". You may select "Video" as the method of dialing out and to input alphanumerically, press the "abc" button to type in the full video address and hit "Call" once you have finished inputting the full video address.



Your call should be successful in dialing out to the WebEx meeting. If for some reason the endpoint fails to dial out to the meeting, feel free to submit a ticket at Contact the Lifesize Customer Support Team or call us directly at 1877-LIFESIZE for us to troubleshoot the issue further.



I hope you find this helpful!



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