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Lifesize Flex + Phone HD + Dash

Question asked by bdinnerv Partner on Jun 6, 2018

With the pending availability of Lifesize Dash, are we going to see support for the combo of Lifesize Flex and Phone HD? 

In my mind, this will provide the best user experience for the end user by providing a high quality visual and audio solution that is owned and supported by Lifesize as well as providing a control interface that once again is owned and supported providing a seamless end to end solution for the customer and a single point of contact for any issues and upgrades. 


By not providing a hardware solution, we leave ourself exposed to the myriad of support headaches that we have been selling against for the last couple of years which will result in the customer receiving a less than ideal solution and likely leading to the loss of subscribers long term. At the price point we are looking at for Dash without a vendor supplied hardware solution it simply is not cost effective to support customers which results in bad image for partners and vendor alike.


Flex and Phone HD really are he perfect platform on which to launch into a non-codec based solution.