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Team 220 call paths as Cloud Endpoints

Question asked by lderivas on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by kpinkham

We have several Lifesize Team 220's on an MPLS. We would like to conference external 3rd parties over the Internet. Presumably we'd need to register all systems as Cloud endpoints on a plan. I've a couple dialing/call path questions:


  • Can we still dial from endpoint to endpoint over the MPLS, or are all calls routed over the internet to the Cloud?
  • If the calls must initiate internal calls to a cloud based 'directory', do the video/audio call paths still go point-to-point over the MPLS?
  • Or, if a 3rd party calls in to the Cloud service, do all MPLS homed endpoints utilize a separate call path to the internet cloud service, too.