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Integrate UVC Clearsea infra to CISCO/polycom

Question asked by jideshc on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by kpinkham

How i can integrate UVC Clearsea infra to Cisco/polycom video infra via SIP Trunk .


In my i set up clear sea is hosted only for internal purpose and cisco/polycom have B2B option .

we need to route all call to cisco/polycom via sip trunk for B2B .

what is requirement from Lifesize need to consider .

did i required UVC transmit  ? current setup i dont have UVC transmit , is it required any license for UVC transmit .


Currently i have below license ;

Lifesize Infrastructure Bundle - Medium(Hardware Version) Includes two appliances loaded as listed. Lifesize UVC
Manager - Initial Product Activation and 20seats, Lifesize UVC Video Center - Initial Product Activation

Lifesize UVC Video Center – Additional Pack of 1 HD recording, Pack of 50 HD Web Streams,(Enterprise Edition) (onlyvalid with activation sku or when existing activation provided) WITH Lifesize UVC  Video Center - LAMS