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About LifeSize upgrade

Question asked by longlonglong Partner on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by cmcclure

Hi engineer.

I am a new guy, let me talk about problem what we met.

Our customers asked us questions when they tested LifeSize Cloud on the browser a few days ago .. So about the questions, we did test  immediately...

Google Chrome needs become developer mode and add extensions .. But our costumers said it is too difficult.

IE will open the launcher automatically...And other browsers we did tests.

I think it's easy for most of technical people. If we use launcher, it's also good !

But maybe there are many people just use once ...Just like 3rd companies  for us , salesperson etc..

Can our engineer solve these issues ?

Another question is that we need LifeSize Cloud at Apple Store in China ... Could you give us a time when we can use it,please !