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Set up LS Share

Question asked by ckkung Partner on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by kpinkham

We have just acquired a LS Share. It is with the latest firmware We have the following questions:


1. During the initial setup, we found that we need to connect the Share to a network port using network cable. If we do not connect it to a network port, we cannot perform the initial setup. Is this a must? If there is only WIFI in the conference room, how can we perform the setup?


2. When we create a wireless Access Point after the initial setup, we set a new SSID and set to Broadcase open. And we reboot the device. However we cannot locate the SSID from our laptop. Is there anything we miss? And what is the use of accessing the SSID setup in the Share device?


Can anyone help? These are only a few questions. The setup guide for LS Share is not that helpful in my opinion. Thanks a lot!