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The problem with Lifesize Share

Question asked by longlonglong Partner on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by longlonglong

Hi, guys.

This is Hwari, a Chinese agent of Lifesize.

We have many problem with Lifesize Share. We have learnt all documents about Lifesize Share.

First, When we did the test one week ago, the version was 1.0.575. Almost all of Lifesize Share functions can be used..

But today, we changed another one to use for our Meeting Room in BeiJing, I found that the version was upgraded to 1.2.584, and the Play Vedio and Manage Files couldn't be used...


So Where can I found the low version? And what should I do?



I think the guide book of Lifesize Share it too simple to use..We don't know many many things...

As we know, we can add video Url from yootube, Lifesize cloud and Share etc....But emmmm, Yootube was limitied in China.


So Are there any other rules to use this function ??


Look forward your supporting ~