October is cyber security awareness month

Discussion created by kpinkham Employee on Oct 4, 2018

As the European Twitter link below states cyber security is a shared responsibility. Here are a few examples of Lifesize's commitment to security. It might be a good time to remove the yellow sticky note with your password on it from your monitor



  • Secure foundation – Lifesize cloud is hosted on dedicated machines in secure IBM and AWS data centers
  • Data retention - Video communication data is ephemeral in nature. Lifesize does not record, capture or store any video conference media (audio, video or presentation).
  • Encryption – all calls with Lifesize hardware and apps are encrypted by default with AES 128 bit technology
  • Authentication– SSO support to maintain existing password policies and maintenance (Lifesize does not store passwords in this case), will also disable Lifesize account access when a users AD or LDAP account is disabled
  • Privacy - Lifesize maintains a Privacy Shield certification for EU-US and Swiss-US
  • Access control – licensed users can be assigned 1 of 3 roles within Lifesize cloud
  • Firewall traversal – only outbound access required for Lifesize devices and apps
  • Trust – customer trust center maintained on Lifesize website with details on availability, security, privacy, certifications, and GDPR


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