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No "Content View" for presentations in Skype for Business interop?

Question asked by ewagner on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by kpinkham

We are actively using Lifesize Cloud joined equipment (express220 and Icon600) in conference rooms.
Our employees use Skype for Business as their mobile client.


In a LScloud meeting when a presentation is being sent, the Skype for Business users have no ability to select "Content View" to view the presentation fullscreen.  Because of this, the presentation becomes one of the speaker/participant boxes which can get very small depending on the total number of participants in the meeting, as well as moving around due to "speaker order".  This issue applies when the presentation is being sent from a Lifesize system as well as being sent from another Skype for Business user/system.  I tried with two Skype for Business users connected in a LScloud meeting, and the content view is also unavailable in this scenario.


It seems impossible to "fullscreen" or select "Content View" for a received presentation while on Skype for Business client connected to a Lifesize Cloud meeting.  Is this correct?


Is there any way to resolve or work around this issue?