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Micpods + Phone

Question asked by andyjon22 Partner on Dec 20, 2018

Hi all, 


I have a client who has got a Icon 600 system setup with the Lifesize Phone under the screen (on a credenza) which the clients or tech will dial from. They then have 2 mic pods on the main table. The audio is coming from the screen. It is a large room boardroom style. When the micpods are connected then the phone microphone automatically disconnected. Today however the phone microphone has come on so now both micpods and the phone have active microphones. Due to the position of the phone being next to the screen it picks up all the incoming audio creating a feedback loop to the far end users. 


Is there a way to switch off the microphone of the phone and have it just be the micpods? This was done automatically before but after trying everything it just keeps staying on both phone and micpods.


Hope this makes sense to someone!