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China Lifesize Cloud experiencing issue?

Question asked by michael31 Partner on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by kpinkham

I have completed a lifesize project connecting several country Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China Beijing, China Shanghai.

After the completion, we tested and everything is working smoothly.

I understand that the sea cloud server is located at Hong Kong.

My client is telling me that they experienced issue during the official use of the Lifesize VC with regards to both China city. According to my client, the government is implementing a new policy (i am still not sure what it is) and this is the cause of the high packet drop even when the VC is transmitting at high bandwidth (~1700kb/s) on the receive part from the cloud feedback the VC is showing ~50-100 kb/s. 

This issue occur a few days after the completion of the project around 29 January 2019 is when the actual use of the VC and issue encountered as well.

Can i get lifesize response on the status of service for China VC?

And does anyone else experiencing issue with Lifesize Cloud operating in HK server?

Screenshot attached is showing singapore site experiencing high bandwidth but also very high packet loss.


P.S: Firewall have no issue, the outgoing is not filtering anything.