Lifesize Share Software Update Broken

Discussion created by kacklin@littletongov.org on Feb 19, 2019
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Two of my Share devices have received Software Version 1.4.696 seemingly randomly (I have other devices that have not received this update).  After this was applied, my Share now will not display on the screen even after a GUI Reboot and a Pull the Plug Reboot.  I discovered in the settings that my TV Display Timeout is set to -1 Second.  They were previously set to Never.  Never seems to no longer be an option, and even if I set the TV Display Timeout to as far in the future as it will go (which seems to be 16.66(repeating) minutes) the screen will never un-blank.  How do I prevent my units that have NOT received the update from getting it and how do I get the update fixed so that it will once again display, and never turn off?